Snoring braces


Snoring can have a significant impact on the quality of your life and that of your partner. Partners who sleep apart because of snoring are, unfortunately, more of a rule than an exception, and snoring is not restricted to men. The noise that’s heard when a person snores is due to the vibration of soft tissue, such as the uvula, when inhaling and exhaling. A lack of space at the back of the throat means that the air cannot circulate freely, hence the vibrations and snoring noise.

Deep snoring and/or holding of the breath while sleeping can even be a sign of sleep apnoea, a condition whereby the tongue moves backwards and blocks the airway. This causes the oxygen level in the blood to fall considerably, in turn causing the body to awaken suddenly (with a sudden deep breath), disrupting sleep. As a consequence of these interruptions in breathing, patients with sleep apnoea often suffer loss of concentration, high blood pressure, reduced energy levels, and morning headaches or may even fall asleep during the day. This form of sleep apnoea is known as Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome, OSA. Patients may suffer from the condition for many years before they receive a proper diagnosis, or their partner encourages it. Apnoea often runs in families.

Snoring brace (MRD)
In recent years, the anti-snore brace or, to use its proper name, the Mandibular Repositioning Device (MRD) has grown in popularity as a solution for sufferers of apnoea and snoring problems. The brace is used to keep the lower jaw and tongue in a forward position while sleeping, widening the airway to reduce snoring and interruptions in breathing.

The MRD anti-snore brace is an effective, scientifically-proven treatment method for snoring and light to mild apnoea. It is also being used increasingly as an alternative to a CPAP, or nose mask, in light of its added comfort. If apnoea has been diagnosed, the costs of an MRD will be reimbursed by basic insurance.

Do you or does someone you know suffer from any of these symptoms? Gives us a call to arrange an initial appointment. We’ll send you some preliminary additional information and a questionnaire that we will then use to determine whether or not a snoring brace could be an effective solution. You can still wear a brace with dentures.

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