Your first visit

New patients are always welcome at our practices in Blerick and Venlo-Zuid. We’re usually able to book people in for their first visit within two working days.

If you decide to join us as a patient, you’ll probably notice that we do things a little differently to what you may be used to.

Getting to know you

At your first appointment, we really want to get to know you — personally, as well as your dental history. We’ll reserve additional time for your first visit and listen to your personal story, dental wishes, and any complaints. We’ll also look at your general health by going through a questionnaire together. We’ll also carry out an examination of your mouth, take X-rays, and look at any information and X-rays that your previous dentist may have provided. Once we’ve done this, we’ll discuss the findings.

A personal treatment plan for your teeth

A personal treatment plan for your teeth

Once we have more information about the condition of your teeth, your personal wishes, and financial capabilities, we’ll draw up a personal treatment plan for the coming years. If your teeth are in good condition, we’ll do our best to ensure that they stay that way. If we think that the health of your teeth can be improved, we’ll advise you on the treatments that you need. If needed, we can also discuss appropriate insurance.

What do you need to bring?

To give you the best possible care, we ask you to bring the following to your first visit.

Acute complaints

If you’re suffering any acute complaints, we’ll remedy them promptly. We’ll then arrange a new appointment in which we can get to know you, examine your mouth, and draw up your personal treatment plan.

Ask one of our practitioners in Venlo or Blerick.


In the event of an emergency outside of our standard opening hours, please call our emergency service. This service is only available in the event of bleeding or accident.

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