Snap-on teeth

We can use implants to easily reconstruct one or more teeth. If, however, you have insufficient healthy teeth remaining for a complete dental arch, dentures may sometimes be the only option available. Thankfully, these can now be both a functional and aesthetic solution.

More grip with snap-on teeth

Dentures do take some getting used to, but most people handle them rather well. If you’ve been missing your teeth for some time, however, there is a good chance that your lower jaw has become quite thin and flat. As a result, dentures (lower prosthesis) may sit loose and wobble when eating or talking. In that case, snap-on teeth on implants might be a viable solution. We insert two implants into the lower jaw, which serve as grip for the lower prosthesis. The teeth are then clicked onto the implants in the lower jaw.

As the prosthesis is supported by the implants and gum, you’ll experience less pain when there is more pressure on your teeth, such as when biting into an apple. And you’ll be able to talk, sing, eat, and drink with much more comfort!

Cleaning snap-on teeth

Snap-on teeth can always be removed for easy cleaning and, if necessary, repair.

How much do snap-on teeth cost?

In many cases, the costs of implants under a prosthesis are covered by insurance. If you have basic insurance, you’ll receive an authorization after our request/notification to your insurer. Statutory excess amounts will apply.

If you have any questions, then please ask one of our practitioners inVenlo or Blerick.