Beautiful white teeth!

More and more people want clean, white teeth so that they can smile and talk without worrying. Cared-for, white teeth are a great way of feeling confident about your appearance.

Discolouration can be caused by a number of external or internal factors, including smoking, coffee, and red wine plus wear and erosion from acidic drinks. Where there’s erosion, the outermost (transparent white) layer dissolves slightly, exposing the innermost (yellow) dentine. Internal factors that can cause discolouration of the teeth including trauma and things like excessive use of antibiotics when younger.

Your dentist will check the condition of your teeth and discuss the most appropriate treatment options with you.

You can contact us for information, instructions, and materials for bleaching at home.

Treatment first involves cleaning the mouth thoroughly to remove any scale and plaque from the teeth. Bleaching only works on natural teeth and cannot be used on dentures, dentistry work, crowns, or bridges. The original colour of fillings, crowns, and facings will not be affected by the treatment.

Home bleaching is one of the options offered by Botman dental practice, which requires two appointments. At your first appointment, we’ll make impressions of your teeth so that the laboratory can produce specially customized mouthguards. At the second appointment, after around one week, we’ll determine the starting colour, give you an estimate of the result that you can expect to achieve, and give you the bleaching gel and detailed instructions. The best result can be achieved by bleaching for between four and ten nights.

After treatment

We recommend not consuming any food/drink containing colouring agents for 24 hours after treatment, and you shouldn’t smoke. Doing so can have a negative effect on the final result.

Since treatment is in no way harmful to your teeth, it can be repeated. Depending on your lifestyle and care of your teeth, we recommend repeating treatment every two to three years to ensure a fresh, radiant smile.

We use the Opalescence brand for bleaching, a market leader in the field. Visit us in Venlo or Blerick for further information.