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Fill out the digital form, upload your photos and receive a professional consultation from our dentists. (not for emergencies)


How does it work?
  1. Click the button above to go the the website for a free virtual consult. You will find the website Orthodontic Screening in English. This website is made to answer all your questions about orthodontics (braces), dental implants, filling cavities and so on, so feel free to use it!
  2. First we will need some information from you and you will have to agree to some general terms of conditions. After you did this, you can make a personal account with your email address and a password chosen by you. We need you to do this so we can send you our findings. You will also need this login-information to see our answer to your question.
  3. The next step is to make some photo’s of your teeth and upload them. Make sure the first photo is one of you smiling, we will need to see your teeth clearly. Please check the photo after uploading, if you find it okay; click ‘Continue’ to go to the next step.
  4. For this next step we want you to make a close-up of your teeth. You can make this photo by using your fingers to pull your lips to the side. Again check the photo after uploading to see if it’s correct. Click ‘Continue’ to go to the next step.
  5. For this step want to see a photo of your bottom teeth. If needed use your fingers again to pull your lip down a bit. Check your photo again before you continue to the next step.
  6. Now do the same but for your upper teeth. Check your photo and if approved click ‘Continue’.
  7. Now make a photo of the right side of your teeth/molars while biting down. Check your photo and go to the following step.
  8. Do the same again for your left side. After checking the photo and approving it, click ‘Continue’ for the final step.
  9. For this final step of the virtual consult you will have to fill in your dental question and click ‘Submit’ to send in your request.
  10. After sending in your information and photo’s, you will see a confirmation and we will review your question and photo’s within our team. After doing so your will receive a message with our findings and the answers to your questions. We strive to answer your virtual consult within 72 hours.
Free online consult!

No, the free virtual consult is intended for all questions about dentistry.  So if you’re thinking about whitening your teeth, an implant or do you want more information about crowns and dental bridges, you are at the right place. You can ask all your questions at our non-commital free virtual consult.

You do not have to be registered at our practice. The virtual consult is accessible for anyone.

The consult is absolutely free of costs. We will give you free advice about your possibilities, what we can do for you and what kind of treatment will suit you best. Free really means free.

We strive to answer your virtual consult within 72 hours/3 workdays.

Do you want to do a free virtual check?

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